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Help for Veterinary Homeopaths


The purpose of this web site is to provide ongoing education and support for veterinary homeopaths.  For those seeking homeopathic treatment for their animals, please visit the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (AVH) by clicking on the link in our Main Menu.  Information about homeopathy, case reports and a list of veterinary homeopaths is provided at that site.

**The  Next Webinar will be April 13, 2016 at 8pm (EST)**

Joe Kellerstein will be discussing lessons learned in practice informed by the Organon.  

"Clinical Cases in

Veterinary Homeopathy"

Webinar Course for Veterinarians

This course evolved out of the recognition that beginning homeopaths tend to stumble over the same misunderstandings or incomplete understandings. We concluded that these difficulties arise because of a lack of clinical training. Internships and mentoring programs would provide the opportunity to translate theory into clinical experience, but these programs are currently not available. 
Thus, we formulated a list of the most common mistakes we see in case reports submitted to the Certification Committee.  From this list we developed a series of seven teaching modules, each one devoted to a particular principle or skill.  We will apply these modules to clinical cases, walking participants through the steps of homeopathic practice.  We'll start with a single case and gradually increase the caseload as we gain skill and speed.  At first, we will present cases seen by committee members, but later we will utilize cases being seen by students.

Students will be asked to prepare for each Webinar by reading the essays and introductory materials posted on this web site. We will post questions that will be discussed at each Webinar.


The course is organized as follows:

Module 1: The art of case taking.  We'll discuss the goals of case taking, the use of client questionnaires, the interview  process, the importance of the physical exam and diagnostic testing, and the use of medical records.   We'll do some  practice interviews.

Module 2: Initial case evaluation (disease progression, strength of the VF, prognosis)

Module 3: Characteristic symptoms and repertorization

Module 4: Differential Diagnoses

Module 5: Posology

Module 6: Case Management (supportive care, removal of obstacles, client education)

Module 7: Follow-up (evaluating the response to remedies, next prescription). We'll use this module to finish the case.

Depending on the pace of the group, we may cover these 7 modules over four to five webinars. Webinars will be scheduled every two to four weeks. They will be recorded so that you have access to them later (available on our web site).


Commitment: We ask that you make a commitment for at least 6 months and that you provide feedback that will help us improve the course. The course will evolve as needed.


Fees (subject to change): Fees cover the cost of the Webinar and secretarial services.


AVH members:  In 2013, our webinars are offered at no charge to AVH members. 


non-AVH members: $195/year (can be made in 2 payments)


Registration: To receive an application, click on the "Webinar Registration" link.

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